1. Select an image from the list of cards and interpret it with your own style and imagination. Your image will be printed in black and white, so please consider high contrast drawing materials/media.

2. If you like, you may develop a fun rhyme or verse to accompany your image. Here are some examples:

EL DIABLITO (The Little Devil): “Pórtate bien cuatito, si no te lleva el coloradito.”   “Be good, or you will meet the little red guy.”

LA PERA (The Pear) “El que espera, desespera.”  “He who waits, despairs.”

3. Consider using our Loteria template to ensure that your ratio is accurate and that you have enough space for the title of your image and a whimsical rhyme or verse!

4. Upload your 300 dpi image here or mail a hard copy with SASE to

Amaris Ketcham
UNM Honors College
University of New Mexico
300 Cornell NE
Building 73, Room 21
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Important considerations:

  • Submissions will be considered from all over the nation. 
  • Each contributor will have a short biography printed in the book. Contributors are welcome to also include a website url to showcase their art.
  • Each contributor will receive a copy of the finished book.
  • Only child-friendly images will be considered--no violence, please.
  • Do not color in your image! We only want black line work. Coloring is for the kids!
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